peripheriesOPEN 2018
to Dec 21

peripheriesOPEN 2018

Opening November 30th 2018

More details to follow after the selection of artists is finalised. Please see open call details below.

On the back of a hugely successful year at Periphery Space it gives us great pleasure to welcome submissions for our open submission show peripheriesOPEN 2018 from artists working in Ireland. Last year we received 211 submissions from around the country and the standard was extremely high resulting in a great exhibition (click here for peripheriesOPEN 2017 archive).

This year, after our significant investment in a dedicated cinema, we are extending the open invitation to emerging and established filmmakers working in Ireland.

Selection Panel: Paul Carter, James Merrigan, Deirdre Robinson and Emma Roche.

Deadline for submissions is November 5th 2018 at 5pm. More details below.

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Peripheries 2018 : DESTROY ALL HEROES
to Aug 4

Peripheries 2018 : DESTROY ALL HEROES


Our 8th Peripheries exhibition will be the highlight our annual exhibition programme at Periphery Space

DESTROY ALL HEROES is a group exhibition presenting artworks that explore the grey matter of thinking and feeling through the medium of drawing and text. Presenting four artists – Laura Fitzgerald, Joy Gerrard, David Godbold and William Murray – the exhibition begins where most superheroes begin, with the ZINE, defined as a cheaply-made, cheaply-priced publication, often in black and white, but brimming with the personalities and passions of its creators. 

The series of zines DESTROY ALL MONSTERS (1976-1979) by American “part-time punk band, part-time art collective” (Cary Loren, Mike Kelley, Niagara and Jim Shaw) is an influence that runs throughout the exhibition and its component parts, even in name. But as a mark of respect for subcultural tenets we have inverted Mike Kelley et al’s influence to put the head of the HERO on the chopping block in place of the MONSTER. 

From the outset the production of a ZINE made of Real white paper and Real black ink has been a Real desire, especially with Laura, Joy, David, and William in mind. We felt the DIY ZINE represented a kind of internalised and intimate propaganda for those caught on the edges of the socio-political-economic-cultural swell. We asked the question: Does the internalisation of something like propaganda, something that is meant for the poster/pulpit/throne for politician/priest/king have a different nature, a different purpose in the hands of the artist? 

Presentation of original Raymond Pettibon zine collection from the 1980s—courtesy of exhibiting artist David Godbold. 

“A significant figure of the Southern Californian punk scene in the late 70s and 80s, Raymond Pettibon started his artistic career making scrappy zines, handbills and flyers for his band Black Flag and his brother’s record label, SST Pubs. These early zines feature comic-like illustrations paired with bizarre, ironic, and often seemingly disjointed text. Particularly focusing on the dissemination of post-war American culture, Pettibon works with recurring themes of sexuality, violence, youth-culture, religion and idols.” ( Printed Matter, New York)

Artist Talks

A series of artist talks with exhibiting artists exploring a scrapbook of subjects, from individuality to community, joy to nihilism, in relation to image and text, speech acts and hand acts. 


July 28th - August 4th (inclusive), 11am - 4pm, Daily

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Patrick Redmond | Artist in Resident 2017/18
to Jun 29

Patrick Redmond | Artist in Resident 2017/18

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 20.53.44.png

Patrick Redmond, ‘All Possible Worlds’, 15th June – 29th June, Periphery Space, Gorey School of Art.

Patrick Redmond is Gorey School of Art’s Paul Funge Resident Artist for 2017/18: a residency that awards an individual or small group/collective 24/7 access to a studio space, mentorship, an exhibition, and access during normal opening times to facilities such as a print studio, computer room, library, fabrication room and photography studio.

Patrick’s solo exhibition ‘All Possible Worlds’ is the culmination of nine months of what American painter Milton Resnick coined “soul-beating”... to describe the method and difficulties of an artist changing his or her work”. While turning himself inside out during the residency, Pat has turned his painting practice inside out, finding resolution in mistakes and processes that partly take him out of the equation to challenge and redefine his own taste. Where once mainly oil paint composed his painted worlds, now paint, collage, plaster, soot, mirrors and dish scrubbers compose these current worlds where painting is not defined by style and consistency but possibility.

And ‘possibility’ is the defining difference between the medium and message of Patrick’s earlier and current work. “During those earlier times I was more interested in trying to make the hand of the artist less visible in the work. It was quite a tight realism or naturalism in those days, working mostly from photographs I’d taken. When I look at them now they aren't as tightly painted as I thought, but then the hand always lets the imagination down.”  

Beyond painting method, Patrick’s subject matter has also changed, from the ‘silent theatricality’ of his earlier paintings, where vulnerable subjects were left forlorn in uncanny settings but protected in their psychic detachment, to these current utopian landscapes that sojourn possibility from source imagery collected from second-hand procured National Geographic Magazines to holiday brochures with weirdly balanced symmetries.  

Although Patrick's work has changed dramatically in subject and substance during the residency, you could even call it a rupture in how it ‘looks’ now and how it ‘looked’ before, he still seems conscious of his own hand in the work, in the same way American painter Frank Stella attempted and failed to “free [painting] of human touch”. Before, Patrick worked dutifully from photographs, the photograph dictating the terms of his touch; today Patrick has relinquished the control of the photograph to leave chance and process to choose what remains on the canvas, the mirror, the paper, the plaster. Patrick has gone from laboriously building a planned illusion of a painted reality on canvas to relying now on experience and intuition to produce unknown but energetic and new possibilities.

Exhibition Opening Hours

Monday – Friday, 11am to 3pm

Saturday, 11am to 5pm

Closed Sunday



“ I see it, a kind of painting that repudiates its supposed essence will always be preferable to one that keeps within its allotted boundaries and its unbroken faith in itself.” -- From Isabelle Graw's The Love of Painting, 2018.

On one of many coffee breaks over the course of the residency Patrick posited: “You can’t think your way out of a painting” – I laughed while penning it down. Patrick thinks! But his encyclopedic knowledge and passion for painting has found solace and agency in the statement "Painting doesn’t matter!" Patrick and I will discuss this statement and others in relation to Patrick's new work, and explore why painting does matter, to him, to us, to you.

All are very welcome.

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GSA Graduate Exhibition 2018
to Jun 2

GSA Graduate Exhibition 2018

Showcasing over 70 Gorey School of Art graduates, this exhibition has become one of the highlights of the year. With over 400 people attending the opening it's always a great celebration and feast for the creative souls.

Opening: 7pm June 1st 2018

Opening times:

  • Exhibition runs from June 1st to 3rd inclusive
  • June 1st, 7pm - 9pm
  • June 2nd, 12noon - 4pm
  • June 3rd, 12noon - 4pm


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to Jan 3


peripheriesOPEN is a new open submission opportunity for artists in Ireland. The exhibition will run for one month from early December 2017 to early January 2018 in our newly refurbished gallery space at Gorey School of Art. This year's selection panel is Paul Carter, James Merrigan and Emma Roche.

Opening: 7pm December 1st 2017

Selected artists include:

Elizabeth Archbold
Chloe Austin
Orla Bates
Tinka Bechert
David Begley
Kian Benson
Ciaran Bowen
Joanne Boyle
Michael Byrne
Louisa Casas
Serena Caulfield
Karen Donnellan
Julia Dubsky
Noelle Gallagher
Helena Gorey
Elaine Grainger
Sean Guinan

Opening times:

  • Exhibition runs from December 1st to January 3rd inclusive
  • Monday - Friday: 10am - 4pm
  • Saturday: 11am - 3pm
  • Sunday: Closed
  • Closed on December 25th, 26th and January 1st

Austin Hearne
Denis Kelly
Laura Kelly
Ali Kemal Ali
James Kirwan
Amelia McNamara
Jules Michael
Clodia Morris
Frances O’Dwyer
Brendan O’Neill
Martin Redmond
Ciara Roche
Clare Scott
Lucy Sheridan
Phillip Shiels
David Smith

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Peripheries 2017 : Soul—Beating
to Aug 7

Peripheries 2017 : Soul—Beating


An exhibition of painting told through the lens of film.


This year's PERIPHERIES focuses on Irish contemporary painting told through the lens of film. Extended from four to nine days, PERIPHERIES 2017 will bring together 13 Irish artists on the ground floor of Gorey School of Art (GSA). In the buildup and over the course of the nine consecutive days of the exhibition, GSA will be activated by film screenings, artist talks, online texts and one rotation of paintings midway through the exhibition. Titled 'Soul-Beating', the curator of the exhibition, James Merrigan, borrowed the title from the biographically intimate essay of the same name by the American painter David Reed, who had the strange aspiration to be a "bedroom painter". Reed heard the phrase from his college tutor Milton Resnick, whom he studied under at the New York Studio School in the 1960s: “It was a phrase that Resnick used to describe the method and difficulties of an artist changing his or her work”. The notion of ‘Soul-Beating’ will be tackled over and over again in the paintings, the public talks, the film screenings and the writing that is produced online in the buildup to the exhibition.

Artists: Robert Armstrong — Susan Connolly — Diana Copperwhite — Colin Crotty — Brian O’Doherty — Damien Flood – Paul Hallahan — Mark Joyce — Mark O’Kelly — Sheila Rennick — Emma Roche — Mark Swords — Kathy Tynan

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