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Peripheries 2018 : DESTROY ALL HEROES

Our 8th Peripheries exhibition will be the highlight our annual exhibition programme. 

DESTROY ALL HEROES is a group exhibition presenting artworks that explore the grey matter of thinking and feeling through the medium of drawing and text. Presenting four artists – Laura Fitzgerald, Joy Gerrard, David Godbold and William Murray – the exhibition begins where most superheroes begin, with the ZINE, defined as a cheaply-made, cheaply-priced publication, often in black and white, but brimming with the personalities and passions of its creators. 

The series of zines DESTROY ALL MONSTERS (1976-1979) by American “part-time punk band, part-time art collective” (Cary Loren, Mike Kelley, Niagara and Jim Shaw) is an influence that runs throughout the exhibition and its component parts, even in name. But as a mark of respect for subcultural tenets we have inverted Mike Kelley et al’s influence to put the head of the HERO on the chopping block instead of the MONSTER. 

From the outset the production of a ZINE made of Real white paper and Real black ink has been a Real desire, especially with Laura, Joy, David, and William in mind. We felt the DIY ZINE represented a kind of internalised and intimate propaganda for those caught on the edges of the socio-political-economic-cultural swell. We asked the question: Does the internalisation of something like propaganda, something that is meant for the poster/pulpit/throne for politician/priest/king have a different nature, a different purpose in the hands of the artist? 

More details to follow...